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Commercial and Residential Excavating and Demolition Since 1957


Consider us for your next demolition project

Many projects begin with the demolition of the building on site.  We are capable of demolishing both residential homes and small commercial buildings.

We will obtain the wrecking permit and all the necessary sign-offs for you in order to keep your project on schedule.

Our Demolition Services

The actual demolition of the building is done in the most efficient way possible with all building materials either being recycled or brought to a landfill.  This material is brought to a landfill using our own dumpster container trucks.  At the landfill this material is separated by a machine into the following piles: metal, aggregate, cardboard, and wood. The material even getting overseen by assembly line works who pick out any small hazardous debris.  The concrete foundation of the building is also recycled and is used as a sub base for roads.

With all of these materials being recycled, you can receive LEED certification points to help you reach your project goals.


Check out a Demolition video from May 2019 with our new drone:

Spring Road Restrictions Lift – Bollig and Sons – Facebook”  

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